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Attack of the Localize Mother 3 Sign Clones!

Oh my. What have I done. Genie is out of the bottle, kids. The Localize Mother 3 mindgerm has been released and is infecting the population at pandemic levels. Now something akin to a full-scale psyops campaign is underway. Since

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21st Century Sound and Fury – Kanye West’s Saint Pablo Tour in Boston

Alternate Title: Reflections from an old dude at Saint Pablo’s Kanye came to Boston last night. It was the most 21st century thing I’ve ever seen. The TD Garden was bursting at the seams with humanity, it’s old 20th century

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Darwyn Cooke Forever

Art’s a two way street, or maybe more accurately, a double-edged sword. When you like the work of someone, like profoundly like it, you’re opening creaking doors within yourself and letting it in, right down to the cellar. Often there’s

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Growing up in the Dark Ages of Star Wars

“This is it. They’re making a new Star Wars.” This was me, to my parents, my friends, the disinterested kid next to me on the bus, our local postal worker- everyone I knew. In my hands, the novel “Star Wars

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‘We’re Home’ – Star Wars Brings a Generation Full Circle

When Han Solo and Chewbacca appeared together on screen for the first time in over 30 years via last week’s new Star Wars The Force Awakens teaser trailer, it took Harrison Ford just a single line to bring an entire

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Chris Claremont tho

Chris Claremont wrote a crazy soap opera funnybook for just shy of 20 years. Reading it as a kid, it defined my worldview. This New York Magazine article from back in 2000 provides a nice crash course in the dynamic,

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Best Images of 2011

Imgur, the popular image hosting site, has posted their picks for top images of 2011. View the list here:

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Kevin Smith Reads My Words at Jay and Silent Bob Get Old Boston!

It’s hard to peg how big of an influence Kevin Smith’s “Clerks” had on my artistic sensibilities growing up. While I was scrubbing pots and pans at IHOP, emptying greasetraps at McDonalds, and, yes, working the cash register at convenience

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