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Monthly Archives: May 2014

X-Men Days of Future Past Review

Marvel’s Mighty Mutants in Search of a New Now ####OBLIQUE SPOILERS AHEAD#### X-Men Days of Future Past is one of the better X-Men movies, but that doesn’t make it great. The film strives to serve two masters, simultaneously acting as both a sequel to 2011’s excellent X-Men First Class and as a consolidation / mea […]

RetroN 5 Releasing June 6?

Well, it looks like we may finally might have a release date for the RetroN 5. Hyperkin has just released the following picture on their Facebook page that leaves little to the imagination: Post by Hyperkin. Has the day finally come? Tough to tell. Hyperkin has previously announced release dates only to (often clumsily) retract […]

Summer Comics Events Showdown – Marvel’s Original Sin vs. DC’s New 52: Futures End

Warm weather is finally breaking here in North America, and for comic fans that means the season of the massive summer crossover is upon us. Each year, the Big Two (and increasingly, other publishers) roll out their “event” books, bringing together throngs of heroes and villains for a run at large scale storytelling. Like Hollywood […]