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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Happy Batman Day!

Happy Batman Day! All the talk’s going to be about Bruce Wayne, so I thought I’d show some love for Jean-Paul Valley, who occupied the role of Batman for nearly 2 years (!) back in the ’90s during the seminal crossover event Knightfall.  I wrote a series for Kabooooom a couple years back examining Knightfall […]

Comic Review: Spread #1

Reading Spread #1 feels like popping in an old VHS tape with an intriguing painted cover only to discover an unnerving and unpredictable reel of weirdness play out. It’s creepy, gory, cold, and violent, and it’s also a lot of fun. This is a horror story with a survivalist aspect to it, but writer Justin Jordan keeps Spread refreshingly […]

Comic Review: Spider-Man 2099 #1

Miguel O’Hara swings back into his own monthly title this week in Spider-Man 2099 #1, with none other than co-creator Peter David returning to handle writing duties. The first issue marks a serviceable yet somewhat muted return for the character, with flat plot points and occasionally stilted artwork weighing things down but enough action, humor, […]

Comic Review: Armor Hunters #2

Armor Hunters is an event book that feels like an event. Big stuff is happening and the repercussions look to be profound for the Valiant universe not just in these pages but in many issues to come. The inclusion of Valiant’s expanding roster of characters makes the action felt beyond just the circle of X-O Manowar, […]

Comic Review: Rocket Raccoon #1

Scottie Young takes the reigns of Rocket Raccoon #1 as writer and artist, delivering a fun yet somewhat racy adventure for the furry space hero. Best known for his Oz books and steady stream of hot-selling variant covers for the House of Ideas, (he might be responsible for sending more than a few Marvel executives’ […]