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All Good Things…

It was the 50th anniversary of Star Trek this past week. I didn’t have much time to revisit it, but all the headlines struck me as I went about my busy adult-life tasks. Star Trek is a live wire topic. Dropping the name alone is like lighting a bonfire, signaling to all that there is […]

Goodnight to the Big Show

Tonight is going to be so weird. The Post-Letterman Era is upon us. I discovered the David Letterman show when I was 8 or 9. It was summer. Grandpa left the TV on after another broadcast of The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson wrapped up from Burbank. The TV blinked over to a completely new […]

Ciao, Craig – TV’s Craig Ferguson Leaving CBS’ ‘Late Late Show’

I’ve found Ferguson to be wildly uneven– sometimes a madcap carnival leader, other times so sullen and offbeat it was hard to find a footing as a viewer. Overall, I’ve enjoyed his show if for no other reason than it being so unpredictable. He brought the right kind of energy to 12:30, but didn’t seem […]