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Trainspotting and the Ghost of ‘Sally’

I’ll call her ‘Sally’ out of respect for the dead. We worked together at McDonald’s, the last refuge of scoundrels and lower-middle class ambitions. Fitchburg, Mass. long had strong undercurrents of vice coursing through it. Heroin was no different. In the mid-90s, it roared to the top of the menu. It was often easier to […]

Jurassic World – A Benevolently Absurd Modern Blockbuster

I couldn’t stop laughing. During the course of its two-hour-plus run time, Jurassic World dishes up something for everyone. As in, everyone in the world. All ages and all demographics are assembled, ushered into an Epcot Center-like faux theme park setting to square off against the real reason we’re in attendance- the dinosaurs. For me, the […]

Ascent Into Madness: The Wachowski’s Have Made the Craziest Movie Ever

I finally got the opportunity to see Jupiter Ascending. Jessika surprised me with it last night, the deluxe 3D Blu Ray version no less. The 3D functionality of our TV was dormant for at least two years, but this seemed like a good a catalyst as any to knock the dust off the glasses and fire it up. Nothing […]

Happy 25th to Batman ’89!

Tim Burton’s Batman (1989) opened in theaters 25 years ago today! I saw a 10 p.m. showing opening night at my local mall multiplex (I think it had a whopping 4 screens back then). It was amazing for 8-year-old me to be out that late. I remember feeling mixed about the movie. Batman was awesome, […]