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The Next Great Retrogaming Machine: Sony’s PlayStation 3

The retrogaming market has grown remarkably in the last decade or so, evolving from a ragtag hobby of sorts among yard sale and flea market scavengers to something approaching mainstream. Retail giant GameStop added “retro classics” to its online offerings last year, and smaller independent shops have also increased their stock of old video games. […]

No Man’s Sky – A Grand Failure

No Man’s Sky always sounded like something of a dream. Hop in a spaceship, explore a real-fake universe, traverse the stars using the next-gen power of Sony’s PlayStation 4. Like most dreams it only partially made its way into this reality, arriving like a faint echo. Instead of ushering in a new era of video […]

Can Peter Parker Finally Grow Up?

It’s time to let go. It’s time to put the scrapbooks of teenage, wisecracking Peter Parker on the shelf. It’s time to hang-up the throwback perpetual bachelor fantasy. It’s time to put Spider-Man away. It’s time to let Peter Parker get old. I say this as a reader who came into funny books in the […]

First Days of the Future – 48 Hours with the PlayStation 4

It was cold. It was dark. I was tired and ready for bed, but instead found myself heading for the front door. As I zipped up my jacket, my wife asked, her voice equal parts sleepy and annoyed, “Are you really doing this?” The answer was yes, I was really leaving the house in the […]