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Logan: Here comes tomorrow

I still remember my first introduction to the X-Men. It was a Super Bowl sometime in the mid 80s, one of the Montana years. I was dragged along in tow with my family to a neighbor’s party. They had a son, older than me, and we were paired off as the adults engaged in their […]

X-Men Days of Future Past Review

Marvel’s Mighty Mutants in Search of a New Now ####OBLIQUE SPOILERS AHEAD#### X-Men Days of Future Past is one of the better X-Men movies, but that doesn’t make it great. The film strives to serve two masters, simultaneously acting as both a sequel to 2011’s excellent X-Men First Class and as a consolidation / mea […]

Chris Claremont tho

Chris Claremont wrote a crazy soap opera funnybook for just shy of 20 years. Reading it as a kid, it defined my worldview. This New York Magazine article from back in 2000 provides a nice crash course in the dynamic, exciting, and ever-melodramatic Marvel comic, the Uncanny X-Men. “X-Men,” says Claremont, “has always been about […]

Nightcrawler — and fun — return in AMAZING X-MEN #1

Remember when the X-Men ruled the universe? In the 80s and 90s, the Uncanny X-Men weren’t just the coolest mutants in comics, they were the coolest fixtures across pop culture. Laden with sharp style, soap opera drama, and kinetic action, the X-Men were the pinnacle of escapist fun. Marvel’s Mighty Mutants don’t quite radiate the […]